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    As Spring approaches, the races day dresses dilemma is upon us. Whether it’s Cheltenham Festival or Ascot you’re planning for, it’s important to pick out the perfect race day attire to ensure you stand out in the crowds this season. The most important part of your race day outfit – is your hat, it will make your dress, shoes or outfit, complete. What’s the most important thing a hat can do for you? Away from trends, pattern and colours, a hats primary job is to suit your head shape and make you look good. Here’s some quick top tips on how to shop for your face!

    Face Shapes [Image courtesy of Daily Mail

     Heart Face Shape

    With a broader forehead and smaller chin, stay away from wide brimmed hats that may accentuate this. However, you’re lucky that almost any other hat will suit your face – so experiment! Although we’d suggest a medium sized hat to add a great balance.

    Oblong Face Shape

    Long face features and a high forehead? You may have this face shape. Try a hat with a flared brim and low crown, such as a wide brimmed or a cloche – the angles or length of which will finish further down your forehead. It’s all about experimenting what suits you but we would suggest to avoid tall hats.

    Oval Face Shape

    This is one of the most common face shapes and luckily for you with a broader cheeks and narrow forehead – almost any hat will suit so our advice is experiment and as with everyone – ensure your hats style looks great with the rest of your outfit or makes a statement apart from it.


    Face Shapes [Image courtesy of Daily Mail

    Square Face Shape

    With broad features, accessories should soften your natural look. Because of this, choose circular and fluid head-wear such as fluid wide brimmed styles. Avoid anything too sharp such as square hats or those with a geometrical style

    Round Face Shape

    It’s easy to see if you have a round face because they look as you would expect. Circular faces benefit from tall hats to elongate their features and hats with angles and shapes to add angular definition. Or look at hat accessories, something as simple as a feather or 3D feature can distract someone’s eye and give the illusion of length.